Cisco Ccnp/Bsci Test Tutorial: Isis Router Varieties

In this way you can get the information, I will show you how to create a wireless bridge between a Linksys 160N wireless router and a Linksys WRT54G wireless router that has been modded with DD-WRT firmware. You might be asking yourself what a wireless bridge.You is, you might be asking yourself why you want to create a Wi-Fi bridge in the first place. Now Wi-Fi bridge if you connect without the use of wired cable router to another router. It is possible, you want to create a WiFi bridge for the following reasons.

The biggest problem with cable Internet is that it is more expensive than the high-speed DSL Internet is. Many DSL providers advertise that they are $ 35 per month. This is considerably less than what I pay.

Most wireless routers you can change their administrative login information by accessing the System section of the site. Read our tips for creating strong passwords of your administration page as safe as possible to help.

Then we will activate the MAC filtering. This will only affect wireless clients. What you do is the router say that only certain MAC addresses are allowed on the network, even if that encryption and key know. To do this, go to Wireless Settings and find a field company MAC filtering, or something similar. Check it out an application. If the router restarts, you should see the MAC address of the wireless client from the list. You can find by opening a DOS window of your client’s MAC address, as we have done previously, and “ipconfig / all” without quotes. You get detailed information about your wireless adapter to see.

recommend computer support experts, changing the default SSID name. the default SSID name through the change, can be difficult for hackers to attack it on your home network. You must deactivate the option to transfer your SSID name. You can detect offline Your SSID number somewhere and can eliminate the program to make it more secure.

This particular IP address is usually in many computers. The gateway can also be called highway, where all the traffic and files are highly processed and are currently being delivered to different locations. In most cases, the LAN systems.

You can set up, configure printers, game consoles, and almost all other wireless devices, without assistance if you understand how to configure a wireless router properly.

ISIS router can also act as a router L1 and L2; These routers are L1 / L2 routers. A router L1 / L2 may have neighbors in separate ISIS areas. The router L1 / L2 will be two separate databases, though – one for L1 routes and another for L2 routes. L1 / L2 is the setting for Cisco routers running ISIS standard. The router L1 / L2 is the router that allows an L1 router to send to another area, data.